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We did it!

Posted: Monday Nov. 12th, 2012

We did it! Spin the Vote was part of a national wave of participation in the 2012 election by people under 30....

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Get ready to Spin the Vote on Tuesday Nov 6th!

Posted: Monday Nov. 5th, 2012

Election Day is coming up fast and the EDM community is already hitting the polls! We love seeing tweets from our peeps about them voting early!....

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Last Day to Register in CA is Monday!

Posted: Friday Oct. 19th 2012

Last night Spin the Vote rocked out at Bassnectar at the Hollywood Palladium - it was our last in-person voter registration event before the final voter reg deadlines....

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The Spin the Vote video is LIVE!

Posted: Friday Sept. 28th 2012

Insomniac, Rock the Vote, together with Spin the Vote and some of the biggest EDM artists in the world want you to know how important it is to register and then VOTE in the 2012.....

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Spin the Vote and Hotel BPM

Posted: Friday Sept. 7th 2012

Spin the Vote is excited to partner with Brooklyn’s highly anticipated Hotel BPM Brooklyn, created by DJ BIJAL......

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Turnin' Up the Volume With Mad Volunteer Opps at Tiesto, Avicii, Bassnectar & more PLUS Ticket Giveaways!

Posted: Wed. August 22nd 2012

Wanna see the best DJs in the world for FREE + get tons of feel-good vibes helping your fellow EDM fans fist pump for freedom.....

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Paul van Dyk's Spin on Voting: "It's an honor."

Posted: Tues. July 30th 2012

He's one of the first true superstar international DJs and an absolute icon of the EDM scene. Considering Paul van Dyk's first-ever mix album was called "The Politics of Dancing" plus he and Bono were the only non-American artists to get.....

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Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas: Kaskade, Diplo, & More Are All About S(p)in City, Baby!

Posted: Tues. June 19th 2012

It’s the biggest dance party in America, so you know Spin The Vote (STV) wasn’t gonna miss Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas! We came, we shuffled, we registered voters!.....

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Spin The Vote Is Going #YOLO at EDC Las Vegas!

Posted: Mon. June 4th 2012

We already fist pumped for freedom at EDC New York , so now we’re taking our election celebration to the biggest dance party in the country: EDC Las Vegas!.....

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What are Barack Obama, Mitt Romney and Ron Paul’s DJ names?!

Posted: Wed. May 30th 2012

Besides registering new voters in tutus and snapping patriotic pics, Spin The Vote also decided to have some fun with the festival goers and get their opinion on one super serious political question.....

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Registering to vote in a tutu!
Spin the Vote at EDC NY

Posted: Thurs. May 24th 2012

If you have never been to an Electric Daisy Carnival it is hard to understand exactly what it is. Is it a concert? Is it a festival? Is it a carnival? It is all of the above and more, but mostly it.....

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Spin the Vote heads to EDC NY!

Posted: Tues. May 15th 2012

Spin the Vote, a project of Insomniac Events and Rock the Vote will be on-site at EDC New York this weekend! Spin the Vote is a nonpartisan voter registration initiative for the EDM community.....

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Bassnectar Gets Shut Down in Santa Cruz, Show Your Support for Music Culture and Spin the Vote!

Posted: Friday May 1st 2012

Bassnectar aka Lorin Ashton is fired up and it’s not for the right reasons. The man behind the beats was stoked to play a show in Santa Cruz this week when he found out that one of his favorite cities was shutting the gig down the DAY BEFORE because of some obscure local noise ordinance.....

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Spin the Vote is coming to TX!

Posted: Wednesday April 11th 2012

For our second Insomniac festival voter registration event, we’ll be at Nocturnal Wonderland in Texas on April 27 and 28th. Spin the Vote is a partnership between Insomniac Events and Rock the Vote, and we’ll be registering voters from.....

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The first-ever Spin The Vote event was soggy but successful!

Posted: Tuesday March 27th 2012

Many thanks to the volunteers who braved extremely rainy weather to help register folks to vote at Spin the Vote's first Insomniac event. Despite the weather, we got some love from some great Insomniac fans and registered a bunch of people to vote for the first time!.....

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Spin the Vote at Beyond Wonderland!

Posted: Friday March 16th 2012

This weekend, for the first time ever, Spin the Vote will be registering voters at Insomniac’s Beyond Wonderland festival! We’ll have a team of volunteers from Rock the Vote, and you can find voter registration forms, buttons, and stickers. Everything’s available from 4 PM – 10 PM at the Spin the Vote booth.....

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