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Registering to vote in a tutu!
Spin the Vote at EDC NY

Posted: Thurs. May 24th 2012

by DJ Wild Yeti
If you have never been to an Electric Daisy Carnival it is hard to understand exactly what it is. Is it a concert? Is it a festival? Is it a carnival? It is all of the above and more, but mostly it is a gathering of people who like to dance and wear neon. Lots and lots of neon. Although I was not wearing any neon this weekend (it clashes with my skin tone), I was at EDC NY volunteering with Spin the Vote registering new voters.

Registering voters at EDC was a ton of fun. Wandering through the crowds dancing with and registering fellow EDM fans you are never far from making new friends and hearing some awesome music. The Spin the Vote booth was located smack dab in the middle of the festivities and we could easily see two of the biggest stages from it. Catching Madeon on the first day was definitely a highlight. I’ve also been working my way through DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJs and managed to check a few more of my list (I’m up to 43).

Speaking of to-do lists, lots of new registrants were excited to be able to check “register to vote” off their YOLOrific EDC to-do lists. Why would you want to register to vote anywhere else? How many people can say they registered to vote wearing a tutu and standing next to someone dressed as banana? It happened at least twice. Moral of the story: EDC is a pretty awesome place to register to vote.

When Addison Laro (DJ Wild Yeti) is not traveling the country DJing and working at music festivals he is living in Washington D.C. pursuing an MBA and career in international trade policy. He was also a kick-ass volunteer for Spin the Vote at EDC NY!!